Beautiful is when you know your algorithm and data structures with Big O notation.

Cracking DFS recursion is as fun as thinking about BFS queue when it comes to graph solutions. Traversing through nodes and edges, either a DAG or there’s a cycle, keeping all visited in consideration, you get…


How to write the performant micro-services using minimal cores and memory.

We had our services rolled into production cloud but performance wasn’t great!

I like Java, wrote most of the critical services using it and spent hours and months in tuning it but still couldn’t make Teja our performance guy happy, when comes to performance. With cloud, comes the pods, the…

GO is fun to learn and having good documentations to start with. You can take Go Tour

Refer to installation and learning guides and blogs

GO Idiomatic to refer to Good to know some Anti-Patterns.

Alright, here’s some of the pain points seen by me and folks I worked with.

GO Exported/Unexported

Like in Java we have private and public methods, GO has…

This post reflects my 3 years of journey, learning and experimenting microservices development. Most of you, software developers can relate to this, tips for those who are new in microservices battle.

Honeymoon Phase

Excitement and energy was at peak in this phase, learning cool cutting edge technologies, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes. Microservices was…

Since few years, software companies and executives are getting sold on Big Agile Buzz for rapid development and to be first in the market race. By now there are thousands of books and articles and millions of coaches and agile experts available to show us the path of Agile software…


Software Engineer

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